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The best cocktail parties are the ones that appear to be effortlessly executed because every detail is perfectly planned: from the food to the staff to the décor, everything comes together seamlessly. To help you on your way, may we suggest a few pre-party preparation tips that will ensure that all the catering bases have been covered and allow you to sit back and relax as your guests arrive. The answers to the following questions will help to define the details  of your event and make hosting the  perfect party fool-proof:

Crab Cakes



  1. What is the reason for the event?
  2. Where will the event be held?
  3. Will the food be served indoors, outdoors, at home, or in a rented location?
  4. Will the hors d’oeuvres be passed, at a food station, or a combination of the two?
  5. Are the nibblies covering a meal-time? ie. will your guests be starving or just grazing when they arrive?
  6. Is there a particular date or a season when the event will take place?
  7. Is the occasion formal or informal?
  8. How many guests will be invited?
  9. What is the budget for the event?
  10. What decorations or theme will be included?
  11. Will there be entertainment included for the guests?

Now you’re ready to start the serious party planning! Need some more help or have some ideas that aren’t listed on our menus? Give inthekitchencatering a call to discuss customized menu options and event coordination. Happy hosting!


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